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What is Pilates?

Annmarie W.

Pilates is the ultimate exercise that challenges both my body and mind. It keeps me engaged and interested because the exercises are never the same.  Pilates is a great way to strengthen and tone my body while increasing flexibility.

Bridgette B.

Pilates challenges me to better myself and continue pushing forward. It has taught me not to quit and has pushed me to the point where I now really enjoy my classes.

Priscilla Y.

To me, Pilates is a time to forget the day and focus on myself and my strengths. It’s not just an exercise, but a fun activity I look forward to every week, with the intent to improve my flexibility and strengthen my muscles.

Joseph Pilates developed Pilates because he wanted to strengthen the human mind and body. He studied body building, yoga, martial arts, and gymnastics, and these practices greatly influenced the Pilates method. Pilates was intended to be a "corrective exercise" that followed a multitude of principles that Joseph believed led to peak fitness. These principles included breathing, concentration, control, centering, flow, posture, precision, relaxation, and stamina.

Joseph Pilates



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