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Join us in Celebrating March MATness!

This month we’re celebrating March MATness at Erica’s Pilates Studio! March MATness has turned into an annual tradition celebrating the original mat sequences created by Joseph Pilates himself.

Join us in celebrating by working your way through the original 34 Pilates mat sequences through the month of March. You can practice these exercises daily, weekly or whatever cadence works best for you. The only rule is to give each exercise a try!

We’ve included the sequence of the original 34 Pilates mat exercises below. Be sure to check out our videos to ensure that you are doing each move correctly.

Ready to get started? Tag us on Instagram @EricasPilatesStudio and use the hashtag #Marchmatness to let us know you have joined the challenge!

  • The Hundred

  • The Roll Up

  • The Roll Over

  • Single Leg Circles

  • Roll like a Ball

  • Single Leg Stretch

  • Double Leg Stretch

  • Spine Stretch (Forward)

  • Open Leg Rocker

  • Corkscrew

  • Saw

  • Swan Dive

  • Single Leg Kick

  • Double Leg Kick

  • Neck Pull

  • Scissors

  • Bicycle

  • Shoulder Bridge

  • Spine Twist

  • Jack Knife

  • Side Kick

  • Teaser

  • Hip Twist

  • Swimming

  • Leg Pull

  • Side Kick Kneeling

  • Side Bend

  • Boomerang

  • Seal

  • Rocking

  • Control Balance

  • Push Up

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