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Age Well, Be Well with Pilates

Everyone knows exercise is good for you. But did you know it might be the key for aging gracefully as well? Studies have shown men and women who stay active as they age stay mentally sharper, are healthier physically, and are less likely to suffer from depression.

Pilates is the perfect way to stay active as you age. It incorporates low-impact exercises that aim to strengthen muscles while improving your alignment and flexibility. Pilates also demands focus which helps improve your overall mental health.

At Erica’s Pilates Studio, we’re excited to launch a new video series focused on aging gracefully by incorporating Yoga and Pilates into your daily routine. The series concentrates on how Pilates and Yoga can help you improve your flexibility, strength, agility, and balance to help you age gracefully.

The series also includes videos containing different exercises that are focused on increasing flexibility and strength in areas of the body that commonly hurt as we age. These areas being: the lower back, core, feet, and upper body.

The Age Well, Be Well video series is available for purchase here.

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