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Is Pilates for you?

In my last blog post, I discussed what Pilates it. If you have not read it, I recommend going to read it before you read this blog. A lot of the time, I have someone ask me, can I do Pilates? The beauty of Pilates is it is for everyone! Let's take a more in-depth look into why Pilates is for everyone.

Josephs's Pilates book is called Return to Life. Let's take a minute think about maybe why he would call it that….. After reading the book many times, you learn that he genuinely believed in his method that it could return you to life. You hear so many stories about how Pilates healed someone not just always physically, but also sometimes mentally. The body is all connected; your mind is connected to your body as well.

Why is Pilates for everyone? Pilates aligns your body and helps with poor posture. Pilates enables you to find your center, and how to move from your center, Pilates turns off the muscles that are overworked and turns on the ones that don't like to turn on, with each exercise you are gaining strength and flexibility.

If you are on the fence of trying Pilates give it a try. I will never forget my first Pilates lesson with my sister. We walked into the studio, and I was like, what is this. I knew my sister was thinking the same thing, especially since I made her go with me. After that first lesson, I was hooked. I worked out all the time, but this was a different workout. Pilates took away my body pains and aligned my body; it made me discover which muscles I overwork and which I do not engage at all. It taught me the power of mind-body connection. Believe in the method, and Pilates will change your body.

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