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Is Sitting Really the New Smoking..?

Updated: Jan 22, 2018

Hello desk sitters!

Lately my mind has been wandering a lot especially in my Cubical at work....

as I sit in my cubical ( day dreaming) I can't help but think can all this sitting really be that good for us?

Now I am not here to lecture you on how sitting all day is bad for you, and to tell you what is happening when you sit all day. There are plenty of articles out there that you can read and it can tell you that.

I am simply here for one reason.....

to get your mind to start thinking and to get your body to start moving.

The quote to the left could not hold more truth. How much do you move in a day? Being honest even I have to admit to myself I could move more.

From teaching Pilates I have heard people tell me about so many aches and pains. Those that have that office life I find low back pain and neck pain to be to the most common pain places. But why?

So then I start to wonder (I am sure you can tell by now I wonder a lot and am in my own world a lot).....

I find myself when walking into the office observing my co-works and the way they sit. I see so many things that make me want to adjust them, that make me want to be like come to Pilates I know the perfect exercise for you! I honestly could sit here and make you a list of everything I see and that I want to do, but lets be honest that would just be boring and that's not the reason I writing this!

As time goes on though and the longer I work at a desk I start to become more self aware of myself. Why me look at others when I am doing the same thing that makes me cringe watching?

It is time to become more self-aware when sitting at a desk my fellow desk sitters

I can't just except to go to my Pilates lessons twice a week and then a miracle happens and I am suddenly no longer rounded or my back pain has gone down.. I have to work at it I have to become self aware. I have to hold myself accountable. Are you?

The more I read and the more I research I am starting to come to the conclusion sitting really is the new smoking. Does anyone else find that alarming or is it just me? What are we going to do? What am I going to do? There is only one answer I can come up with.... MOVE MORE.

I challenge you now to think about your day, to watch the way those sit around you, and to figure out what you desk sitters are going to do to not make sitting the new smoking for yourself.


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