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Pilates Bean Bag Roll-Up Device

The Pilates Bean Bag Roll-Up Device is the perfect Pilates apparatus to help you strengthen your wrists, forearms, fingers, and hands. It’s a device that I highly recommend for many of my clients that sit at a computer all day and struggle with weak wrists, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and arthritis in the fingers and hands.

The best part about the device? You can easily make it at home.

Here’s what you need:

  • A metal or wooden dowel, 12-18 inches long and at least 1 inch in diameter

  • a lightweight cord

  • A large sack

  • Dried beans, sand or gravel (to fill the sack)

  • A drill to cut a hole in the dowel

  • Optional: use weight instead of sack and filling

How to Assemble the Bean Bag Device:

  1. Drill a hole at the midpoint of the dowel and thread the cord through the hole.

  2. Tie a large knot at the end of the cord, so the cord does not fall out of the drill hole.

  3. Fill the large sack with your filling (dried beans, sand or gravel) or attach a weight.

  4. Close the filled sack by tying it with the other end of your cord.

The Bean Bag Roll Up Device is so simple to use, but don’t let it fool you - IT IS TOUGH. To use the Bean Bag Roll Up Device, all you need to do is hold the dowel at shoulder level away from your body. While maintaining good posture, roll the weight groundwards and upwords. This will unwind and rewind the cord around the dowel. Check out the video below for a breakdown of the move.

Continued use of the Pilates Bean Bag Device will help strengthen weak wrist muscles, your hands, fingers, and forearms while improving your overall posture.

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